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Monday, October 3, 2016

Augusta Road Renovation

Augusta Street, part of the West End District, will be receiving a facelift. The area from Main Street through Augusta Street's intersection with University Street down to Field Street will be gaining on street parking and wider sidewalks. The sidewalks could include cafe seating for some of the local restaurants.
The redesign comes through Greenville Cities efforts to expand the attractiveness of Main Street to outlying streets. Augusta Street tends to loose the pedestrian feel that Main Street holds and this redesign will hopefully draw people further down towards Flour Field and outlying businesses like U-Brew and Vaughn Russell Candy store. These businesses are very close to downtown, but because of the poor pedestrian feel they do not receive too much foot traffic.
Residents who life close by on outlying streets like Harris Street and University Avenue will be gaining a tremendous incentive to be active and walk to dinners or festivals.