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Friday, May 31, 2013

Blue Wall and Reedy Square Projects

I recently ran across information on some project currently underway by The Upstate of South Carolina Tourism Product Development Board. The Board is currently developing two projects Reedy Square and the Blue Wall Center. Both of these projects are conceived to help promote tourism and relocation to the Upstate of SC. They seemed pretty cool so I wanted to share them.

The Blue Wall Center is a 175 acre site located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains along highway 11. The center will promote the distinctive ecosystem of the Appalachian Mountains' geological history and the over 400 endemic (local) species that make their homes here. The site is part of the Nature Conservancy's mosaic of parcels designed to protect important bird areas designated by the Audobon Society. 114 different bird species have been observed on the preserve. click here for more info on the preserve. For more Audobon Preserve information click here

The Blue Wall center will have a visitor center, terraced garden rooms, hiking trails, overlooks in the tree tops, a restaurant by the lake, lodging (rustic off the grid cabins), and a solar powered evening light show.

The Reedy Square will be a modern town square which will hopefully connect people with the unique beauty of the Upstate and serve as a valuable landmark. It is a public space with retail, outdoor rooms, meeting space, art gallery and overlook, cafe and shops, maps and areas for outdoor performances/relaxing.

These projects continue to grow the attraction of Greenville, SC as a place to live and to visit. As most people know the tourist trade brings in a tremendous amount of money which is not earned in this area therefore is "new" money for Greenville. These projects are a great boon for the Upstate economy and continue to help us make this area one of the best places in the US to live.
For more information on these projects click here