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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Verdae Development breaks ground on extended stay suites

The Verdae Development has come alive again with the start of the Candlewood Suites. They will be a high-end extended stay hotel located along the I-85 corridor near the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research in Greenville, SC. The development is a neo traditional community of residential housing that includes a city park. A YMCA and other professional services are scheduled to be built that will make it a convenient housing option in the center of Greenville.

The Candlewood Suites will give competition to the nearby Azalea suites which is on the Verdae Golf course but is aging. Plus, the location for business travelers to CU-ICAR and the BMW community is excellent. The City of Greenville will probably add bus service to the nearby downtown center and there is a possibility of a light rail line running from downtown past Verdae.

Verdae is a great place to check out, especially the park which has a nice playground, a water feature, and sprawling open fields with a lengthy walking trail.

Note Roper Mountain in the background of photo, located at the I-85 and I-385 interchange.