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Friday, August 17, 2012

Verdae Corporation Considering a New Hotel on Woodruff Rd

Verdae Properties Inc. is looking at developing  a new hotel off Woodruff near the Magnolia Park shopping center, between Target and the Nutra manufacturing plant.  That section of Woodruff has been busy lately as Costco, Cheddar's Restaurant, and Trader Joe' has set up shop in the past few years.  QT is also putting in a new gas station / convenience store at the corner of Verdae and Woodruff, soon to be completed.  The target area for the Verdae hotel is on Green Heron Drive, and connects to property owned by Verdae as well some land in the Hollingsworth Funds.  Both of those join the Cascades continuing care retirement center. Verdae Properties also has a large development in progress called Hollingsworth Park that is just down Verdae Blvd.  Most of these properties were part of the late textile magnate John Hollingsworth's estate.