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Friday, August 5, 2011

Greenville SC #1 Micro City, SC Employment Improving, New Park for City of Greenville

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 #1 Micro City

Greenville SC
Greenville continues to make the news in a variety of ways. FDI Magazine recently published a list of top cities in the Americas based on economic potential, human resources, cost effectiveness, quality of life, infrastructure, business friendliness, and in promotion strategy of the city. These cities are the big boys: New York, Chicago, Montreal, Santiago; but in the micro city category, with a population of less than 100,000, Greenville is number one. Other top five finishers were Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada; Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; Greenville, NC; and Bismark-Mandan, ND. Click Here for the full article.

Greenville is also in the top ten cities that have resisted declining values from the housing bubble, according to and a Zillow based study. The based their findings on how these cities compare to U.S. averages since the peak values of June 2006. Nationally, the average price drop is 29.5%; the number of homes that have negative equity (value less than the mortgage, or “underwater”) is 28.4%; and the number of foreclosure re-sales are 22.9%. At number 10 on the list, Greenville is -2.1% below the national value decline, 6.7% below the underwater mortgages, and 1% below foreclosure re-sales. Counting down the list are Knoxville, TN; Durham, NC; Rochester, NY; Pittsburgh, PA; Yakima, WA; Little Rock, AR; Tulsa, OK; Oklahoma City, OK; Fayettville, NC. See the See the CNBC Site for the whole comparison. for the whole comparison.

Employment Looks Rosier

Job creation in the Upstate has played a pivotal role in keeping Greenville among these elite cities. This seems especially poignant when the recent ISM manufacturing report for July indicates that national manufacturing growth declined in that month and is a 2-year low since the recession ended in 2009.

GE is hiring 120 new workers to keep up with their global demand for gas turbine engines. A new Kohl’s at the new Easley store is hiring 130 and kicks off a new mall to the west of Greenville. BMW is hiring 100 new professionals and will add an undisclosed number of production employees in response to a new production goal of 270,000 vehicles this year. Last year BMW finished a plant expansion with a goal of 240,000 vehicles, but that number has since increased with global demand. They are also building a $5M family health center to provide medical services to their associates. Prettl Electronics is launching a new operation to produce inverters for the solar panel industry and expects to hire 80 at their current location in Greenville. For more information on Greenville SC click here.

New Park for Greenville City

Greenville just got a new public park, compliments of the Verdae Development Inc. Legacy Park is 20-acre in size and is located in the center of the Hollingsworth Park Development, off Laurens and Verdae Roads. It was built in 2008 as part of the development of a sizable tract formerly owned by the textile magnate John. D. Hollingsworth. The park was designed by Tom Keith of Arbor engineering as smaller version of New York’s Central Park and includes extensive walking trails, sidewalks, bikeways, greenways, two fenced in playgrounds and a pavilion with granite counters and outdoor grills.

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Greenville SC Weather
Greenville Weather
It’s been hot the past week with highs in the 90s, but with humidity at a moderate 50%. We can expect more of that this week but with higher chance of thunderstorms, especially over the weekend.