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Monday, January 4, 2010

Greenville SC Distressed Property Press Release

On Jan 1st 2010 The Cunningham Team sent out a press release on Programs the Treasury Department is instituting to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. Lee Cunningham recently attended a meeting with Dave Liniger, RE/MAX founder, in which he detailed methods he advised the Treasury department to institute in order to forstall a greater financial crisis with more foreclosures. Currently we have only seen listed less then a third of the foreclosures that are in process. In order to prevent them all from being foreclosed it is recomended that they try to take advantage of a process called short sales. It is a process where the homeowner sells the house during the foreclosure process and if the amount owed is greater then the amount the house sold for then the bank will often forgive the debt...under the right circumstances. Read our press release for more information: Greenville Foreclosure Options or contact us directly to talk to Lee our Certified Distressed Property Expert. Our website: Greenville Real Estate, our phone (864) 679-0707