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Monday, February 23, 2009

Downtown Greenville SC is a One-tank Trip from Atlanta

Downtown Greenville SC was transformed from a derelict deserted area to a destination with Nationally recognized revitalization efforts in just 25 years. The efforts are not going unnoticed by our neighbors in Atlanta, GA looking for a weekend getaway. Recently there was an article in the Atlanta Journal on Greenville entitled "Visitors rave about new vibe of downtown." (one-tank trip Greenville, S.C. - tips to help you plan a day trip or overnight getaway). The article was very complimentary on Greenville's makeover, her unique shopping with locally owned shops and merchandise, the pedestrian friendliness and most of all the world class dining experiences available.

Several key features of downtown that were considered big pluses were Falls Park's renovation where the Liberty Bridge was called "a stunning curved pedestrian bridge" and the amphitheaters provided "pretty downtown Greenville event spaces". The downtown baseball stadium was of course mentioned with details about the green monster and the Greenville Drive's name choice. Shopping was an assest mostly because many of the stores are locally owned non-franchise stores and have locally designed clothing, goods and accessories. The Saturday Market was also mentioned as a draw where people can sample local foods and buy tasty souvenirs to take home.

The big draw of downtown Greenville, SC though by far (other then parking your car and never having to use it until you go home) was the dining experiences. The article called Greenville's dining scene a diversity of restaurants and chefs to rival anything found in Atlanta. The paper noted Soby's, Devereaux's, Restaurant O, The Lazy Goat, High Cotton, Larkin's on the River, Pomegranate on Main and the American Grocery in the West End.

We hope that more Atlantians decide to come visit and decide to stay. If you would like to look for downtown Greenville SC home within walking distance please contact us.