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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Greenville County and SC Continue to Provide for Growth

Greenville County's rural areas have traditionally been unzoned and lacking restrictions for their use. But with the push for housing developments over the past few years, local landowners have begun to rethink the situation. Residents of southern Greenville County have petitioned County Council to rezone a section that is roughly bordered by the Greenville/Laurens County line, Greenpond, Fairview Church, and Jenkins Bridge Roads. They have asked to restrict the subdividing of lots to no less than one acre, and is now subject to Council's vote. Citizens in the northern portion of Greenville County have also begun to consider the need for re-zoning as well. The walmart on Pelham which recently opened went throught a lot of headaces to get zoning from Greenville County, read about it in our past post.

The South Carolina DOT has big plans to widen the Interstates in the Greenville area, but does not quite have a handle on how to finance the project. Under scrutiny is the portion of I-85 from Whitehorse Road in Greenville to Highway 129 in Spartanburg, as well as making I-385 six lanes from West Georgia Road to the I-85 interchange. The state plans to conduct a two year, $13 million study to design these projects and figure out how to finance them. With capital being much harder to come by, officials expect that creative financing will certainly be needed and high occupancy or toll roads may be considered as well. These improvements cause and are fueled by Greenville SC real estate appreciation which has continued despite the economic downturn.