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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cantinflas restaurant Moving in Downtown Greenville

Cantinflas, a popular restaurant on Main Street that has been an icon in downtown Greenville SC for 13 years, is moving to a new location on Main closer to Falls Park and the Reedy River. The new location is at the current site of Senior Wraps, also run by Cantinflas owner Ruben Montalvo. The new site at 10 N. Main was attractive to Montalvo because it offers an option to purchase downtown Greenville real estate as well as being in a newer building. You can expect to see the transformation in early 2009.

Searching for downtown Greenville SC real estate can be quite challenging, but we have put tools in place on our new site to help you search. Details on the tools were written about in our previous article on downtown Greenville quick searches.