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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wal-Mart on Pelham opens

The new, highly contested Wal-Mart on Pelham Road opened yesterday and the parking lot looked pretty packed around noon. This store is smaller than a standard Wal-Mart and was designed to be more upscale to match the demographics of the area. The Thornblade Golf Club community is right behind the new store and represents an affluent swatch of Greenville South Carolina real estate. Ironically, they were the group of homeowners responsible for the movement to block Wal-Mart from establishing themselves on the property. That attempt clearly failed after much legal wrangling. Yes, the traffic will increase and will probably be an issue in the future, but development moves on. Rumor has it that Thornblade will retaliate a bit and close the entrance into their subdivision at Meilland Dr. We'll see how that will affect the egress of residents who live in one of the nicest golf communities Greenville.