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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Donaldson Center - Greenville SC Real Estate Development

The airfield that has been known as the Donaldson Center is re-branding itself with a new name to reflect its unique position in South Carolina aviation. It will be known as the South Carolina Technology and Aviation Center, or SCTEC. The community no longer hosts only aviation business like Stevens Aviation and Lockheed, but also hosts three pharmaceutical companies and several chemical and technology businesses. The 2600-acre park is at about 75% capacity with 80 businesses on the site and indicates a trend that SCTEC is becoming an aviation and economic hub for the southeast. Greenville Technical College also offers FAA approved aircraft maintenance training programs that help support the aviation employers of SCTEC. For information on homes for sale Greenville South Carolina or if you might be more interested in Downtown Greenville Condos please contact us.