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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Make Your Greenville Home Safe

Simpsonville Man Invents Emergency Mailbox

Don't be surprised to see a handy new mailbox that comes with an emergency siren, and flashing strobe lights showing up in retirement communities around town and nationwide soon. Inventer Chet Brannon is hopeful his Home Emergency Lamp Post will catch on in a big way.

Powered with a control box inside, a remote button can be pushed when the resident needs help. The siren and lights will alert neighbors and help the EMS find the correct house.

Two Greer real estate developers have ordered the unique mailboxes, which will be featured in the Autumn Grove and Watkins Farm subdivisions.

For $500, you can equip your Greenville SC home with a safety mailbox.

The website to purchase the mailbox,, states that it's ideal for parents, grandparents, children, baby, pregnant women, singles, and family.
See the inventor's video below.